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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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The Narada's techology origins aside, when it attacked the Kelvin, Nero & his crew as far as they were concerned did not know they were in the 23rd century.

They must have been confident of their vessel's capability to assume the Kelvin is a contemporary starfleet ship and went ahead to attack it.
I'm sure a mining ship has scanners plus a ship the size of the Kelvin in the 24th century would be a scout ship, and nothing too theatening.
Cyke101 wrote: View Post
...replace the NX-01 with the E-E in the shots and it's the exact same feats -- even the phasers look the same! ...
Well, it's easy for me to imagine the Enterprise E in Archer's time would one-shot everything.
...If anything, we barely saw the E-E as a 700 meter swiss-army knife. She was merely just a mobile turret and nothing more, with nothing onscreen to show that she was otherwise. The Enterprise-D and Voyager, on the other hand, were depicted doing many other things than simply shooting stuff.
Your comparing a ship that only had a several hours to show what it can do vs ships that had several seasons to explain. You could assume they didn't downgrade Picard at least.

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