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Re: The Cage bridge.

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Friday's Child:

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I honestly can't remember the last time I actually saw an image change on one of those upper monitors. When did they ever do that?

This is in TOS itself, by the way. IIRC, the Defiant bridge in "In a Mirror, Darkly" did have the images change. But they got away with that because it was only one scene and there were no continuity issues.
Just FYI - the "Friday's Child" shot you have is from the remastered version of the episode. In the original version of the episode, it was just a bright white light dot on a blue background - and the dot faded out as they were talking.
Yes, I know. I didn't have a screen grab from the original non-new visual effects version available. (It's a matte shot showing movement even in the original episode.)
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