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Re: Kirk To Gatt-"Where's The Hull Damage?" Gatt-"Major Hull Damage Ca

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Lol. I just watched the scene where the Vengeance warps up on the Enterprise and attacks them blowing a hole in the side hull where the torpedoes were last seen in their launchers. Anyway, Kirk yells out "Damage Report". A redshirt yoeman (I guess) gets up and tells Kirk "We have a hull breach sir". Kirk walks to Gatt-2000 at his station and asks "Where's the hull damage?". Gatt looks at Kirk and responds "Major hull damage Captain" as Kirk walks by. I mean WTF lol, that is not what Kirk asked him. Maybe that thing on the back of the head shorted out or the writers goofed up and didn't catch it. Check it out below.
He says "Major hull damage captain," and then we cut to more shots of the attack. It was not the end of his report, we just didn't see it in it's entirety.
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