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I do not see how traveling faster than light speed (or sending information faster than light speed) would mean you could receive messages from the future. Even if information were transmitted at 10 times the speed of light, nobody receives that information until after the event creating it happens.
Read the tachyon pistol duel thought experiment. I would take the actual physics of it with a grain of salt (I've been told there are issues with them), but it is a good way to wrap your head around the notion.

I also happen to like the train-lightning example of relativity:

You imagine the lightnings to be non-corporeal lifeforms equipped with subspace communicators. Because they happen simultaneously, the rear lightning could reasonably tell the front lightning to miss the train, and the passenger would witness the effect happen before the cause. If there were also two conductors equipped with subspace communicators at both ends of the train, they would also witness the cause before the effect and would be able to warn the back lightning not to send the message, creating a grandfather paradox.

Though that would require conductors with lightspeed reactions or a very very long train.
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