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Re: Revamped idea for a New show. Star Trek : Star Fleet Intelligence

Section 31 should be erased from existence. I love espionage thrillers. And I've often thought doing something along those lines--on a limited scale--in Star Trek could be fun. But from a conceptual stand-point, S31 is, and always has been, really stupid.

I admit, Sadler gave a great performance, but the premise of the character was faulty to begin with. He and it should have stayed buried on DS9.

S31's appearance on ENT was pointless, it was mostly pointless in STiD, and the novels are terrible.

That said, in the months leading-up to STiD when there were rumblings S31 was going to make an appearance in the film, I had suggested they might do it as a set-up for the next film (ST13/S31). The concept does seem like the kind of thing Abrams would be into ... "SD-6" after all.

I'd just prefer they didn't. And absolutely not with a TV series.
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