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OT - Personal Request / Contest

Hi All,

For those of you who frequent TNZ, you probably know that my first child, Arthur, was born this past May. Since then, he developed a problem with his neck that caused him to favor his left side when laying. As a result -- in spite of my wife's and my best efforts -- he's developed a flat spot on the left side of his head, and a bulge on the right. The condition is known as plagiocephaly, and it's correctable with an orthodic device called a DOC Band (see below):

The device comes with a flat white color and can be decorated with acrylic paint, stickers, and/or decals. You can see some examples on Google Images.

Which brings me to the reason I'm here. I'm usually a pretty creative guy, but where my son is concerned, my focus on his well-being is short circuiting my creativity. And my wife doesn't have an imaginative bone in her whole body. But neither of us want our son to be walking around with a sterile-looking medical device on his head.

So, would any of you be interested in a little contest to design a Trek-themed head band for my son? It'll need to consist of a background color that I can buy at any art store and paint or airbrush on, and then art that I can print to some kind of transparency and place on the painted device.

The only limit is that I can't attach anything. So if you're thinking a Borg band would be cool (and I agree, it would), I can't attach a laser to the side of Arthur's head without modifying the DOC Band.

Unfortunately I have nothing to offer other than gratitude -- which I would publicize in as wide a circle as I can -- and whatever bragging rights you'd be able to derive from winning the contest. And, of course, pictures.

Things to know:
  • Arthur's head is 120mm wide by 135mm deep.
  • We won't know which side gets the bump (if you look at the pics on Google Images, you'll understand my meaning) until Wednesday when he gets fitted.
  • Arthur's favorite Trek score is "The Enterprise" by Jerry Goldsmith (he's not allowed to watch TV yet, but he really responds to that piece of music).

And here's the little guy who will wear your art for the next couple months:

Thanks for your attention!

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