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Re: Other USS Titan designs

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Frankly, the easiest choice would have been to make the U.S.S. Titan a Galaxy-class ship. The name fits well, it seems plausible that Riker would want to command it, and plus if there was ever a sequel to "Nemesis" (I know, I know...) you could have both ships of the TNG family onscreen together.
First of all, I would have preferred not to see Riker and Troi at all in ENT's series finale. While the concept of someone from the future observing past events is a good one (and used to excellent effect in Babylon 5), Riker and Troi would have been my last choice for that, especially during the events of "The Pegasus."

Now with that said, if Riker and Troi absolutely had to be in it, here's what I would have done: For "Azati Prime," I would have made the Enterprise-J the Enterprise-F, and set the Procyon battle in the early 25th century, and establish that Riker was in command of the ship even if we didn't see him. Then for TATV, we could finally see both him and the Ent-F, with exposition indicating he took command of the Ent-F after the Titan (there could be a little desktop model of the Titan in his ready room or something). That way, we have links to the ship from Azati Prime, to Riker's original intent to command the Enterprise, and the name link to the NX-01. Then use the idea you came up with about the Romulan peace mission, and we'd have a true winner.
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