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Just Completed NuBattelstar Re-Watch

I've just completed my second complete re-watch of Ron Moore's re-imagined Battlestar Galactica - mainlined the entire series in just over three weeks. I included all the extended episodes, webisodes and the specials - Razor and The Plan.

I'm sad to say my initial appreciation and enthusiam for the show has been greatly reduced from my first viewing, which was over an extended period.

There is still much I liked, the quality of the acting being foremost - truly excellent throughout. Also, the CG FX and production design are still quite convincing, and have largely held up pretty well for the most part. Bear McCreary's scoring is EXCEPTIONAL.

However, there are a number of issues I now have with the show, which didn't seem to register or wrankle so much first time round.

Firstly, to me, the entire run often comes across as an extended advertisement for religion/Christianity - and is about as subtle as the proverbial sledgehammer on many occasions. Personally, I just don't find this sort of thing particularly appealing in Science Fiction.

My other major peeve is the thoroughly dislikable nature of nearly all the main characters. To me, most of them come across as bi-polar psychopaths - regularly flipping between lofty morals and, well, pretty ugly and reprehensible immorality - at the flick of a switch.

The show is relentlessly depressing, disheartening and dismal - rarely did I end an episode with anything approaching an uplifting/upbeat feeling. I believe Ron Moore's basic premise for nuBSG was "dark and gritty" with no "forehead aliens" or space anomalies etc.

But, you know what, I love my aliens and anomalies, I love my optimism and yes, I love my idealised "enlightened" Federation or whatever. Going back to Trek after this mini marathon felt absolutely fantastic, like coming up for air from all the perpetual gloom!

Finally, the show's big culmination, I may have gotten this completely wrong, but essentially, "god did it" is my understanding - oh, and post crash Kara was a guiding angel? A massively disappointing conclusion to the show for me.
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