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Re: Would you rather have fewer villain stories in the films?

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A movie driven by events instead of combating the villian of the moment? Sounds good.

Not entirely sure what YOU mean by " a little more science." Could you provide an example?

It's hard to go too far into specifics without delving directly into story specifics, which isn't my intention, as I'm just talking about the style rather than saying 'the next movie should be about this, this and this.'

Basically, I would like to see more stories driven by events, as you say, and by really classic science fiction storytelling. Things like strange phenomena in space or the questionable effects of new technology or the dangerous and/or wonderous heritage of some ancient species long gone. i'm a little tired at the moment and not coming up with best examples, so don't think I'm limiting it to these ideas. Just stories that are about space and the future more than they are about some guy with a powerful technobabble maguffin and a bad attitude.
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