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Would you rather have fewer villain stories in the films?

I'm just wondering how many people would like to see some more hardcore science fiction style films in the future.

After watching STiD, I started thinking about all the different ST films and I realized that the last time any of the films told a story that wasn't centered entirely or almost entirely on defeating some kind of villain and his evil scheme for mass destruction/world domination was Star Trek IV - despite the fact that many of the villains really haven't been worth the screen time devoted to them.

I don't have a problem with the more adventure style Trek - it's been part of the franchise since the very beginning. But the science fiction aspect is equally integral to the franchise and it seems like its now mostly fallen by the wayside in the films.

So do you like the existing focus of the films or would you rather see at least a new film or two with a little less villainy and maybe a little more science? Do you think something like that would still even be possible?
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