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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

My friend, writer Kay Reindl, wrote a blog piece about Into Darkness, titled The Ego of Entitlement, and hate that the film has been getting and in it, she linked back to someone else's blog wherein that writer ("Dan") tried to offer explanations for some of the things the more vocal (minority of) fans have been kvetching about since the film was released, including the explanations about the Vengeance.

You can read that particular blog entry here. I'd offer to paste the relevant bits here but it really makes much more sense as a theory on the whole if you read the entire thing (don't worry, it's only a few paragraphs.)

Also recommended: Kay's original blog entry, detailing why the majority of the foaming-at-the-mouth idiots decrying how terrible Into Darkness was are in fact just foaming-at-the-mouth idiots: Conflict and Drama for Dummies

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