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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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It doesn't do anything that the TOS Enterprise cannot do...
There is a bunch that the E could do that the TOS ship could not.

TOS Enterprise
Warp 5
Four dilithium focused lasers (Four type VI point phaser emitters in refit)
Phaser Force Rating - 2.5 MW
Shield Force Rating - 120.000 MW
Core Storage Capacity - 1.2041 x 106 kiloquads
Processing Speed - 1,047,920 kiloquads/sec

Enterprise E
Warp 9.9
Eighteen type XII phaser arrays
Phaser Force Rating - 7.2 MW per emitter segment
Shield Force Rating - 489,000 MW
Core Storage Capacity - 1.30983 x 1013 kiloquads per core (2)
Processing Speed - 10,070,950 kiloquads/sec
Err, and we got all that just from watching a couple scenes for each of the E-E's movies? How does one judge scale? To make those determinations, you have to go to secondary material. Nobody watches First Contact and says, "At first glance, it's immediately apparent that the forward phaser array is firing 7.2 MW of phaser fire from each emitter." What you just posted up only emphasizes that the E-E does the same thing as the original, merely with different numbers. Oddly enough, if you take comparable scenes from Enterprise, TOS, and the movies, the weapons do the same thing and blow the same things up -- replace the NX-01 with the E-E in the shots and it's the exact same feats -- even the phasers look the same! Why? Because the weapons and the ships and the attackers and defenders all play the exact same role.

When you get down to the bare bones of it, the E-E fighting style was still essentially shoot phasers, launch torpedoes, let shields get hit. It's the same combat style from TOS, and hardly the kind of battlefield variety you have in even today's military (for today's battleships, firing cannons and missiles at the enemy are only a fraction of its battle capabilities). If anything, we barely saw the E-E as a 700 meter swiss-army knife. She was merely just a mobile turret and nothing more, with nothing onscreen to show that she was otherwise. The Enterprise-D and Voyager, on the other hand, were depicted doing many other things than simply shooting stuff.
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