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Re: Is the USS Vengeance more powerful than the Enterprise E?

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It doesn't do anything that the TOS Enterprise cannot do...
There is a bunch that the E could do that the TOS ship could not.

TOS Enterprise
Warp 5
Four dilithium focused lasers (Four type VI point phaser emitters in refit)
Phaser Force Rating - 2.5 MW
Shield Force Rating - 120.000 MW
Core Storage Capacity - 1.2041 x 106 kiloquads
Processing Speed - 1,047,920 kiloquads/sec

Enterprise E
Warp 9.9
Eighteen type XII phaser arrays
Phaser Force Rating - 7.2 MW per emitter segment
Shield Force Rating - 489,000 MW
Core Storage Capacity - 1.30983 x 1013 kiloquads per core (2)
Processing Speed - 10,070,950 kiloquads/sec
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