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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Or you jettison all the baggage, and you start over with the characters that are the real pop culture icons: the TOS crew.
I liked TOS and all but I was born in the TNG era, they've been my icon when it comes to Trek.
I actually have a pet theory, completed unsupported by any hard numbers, that most of the opposition to the reboot comes from TNG/DS9/VOY generation fans, as opposed to us old-timers who grew up on TOS, which was arguably pulpier and more action-oriented than the later shows.
Although not all the complaints about BadRobot Trek, there is a fair number of complaints about it that are specific to things from TNG forward, that were not in TOS, such as Picard's speechfying, and Utopia and everyone always getting along, so, there is definitely a segment of those who dislike BadRobot Trek because it is modeled after TOS, rather than TNG+
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