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Re: Polar Lights NX-01 "Refit"

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According to the strict definition of canon, no, it's not canon. It wasn't shown on-screen, and the NX-01 shown in TATV didn't have the modifications. Whether people choose to ignore that is a whole different question.
Canon is a set of rules. On Screen "evidence" can be taken in conjunction with the written word as per the creators and authorized writers. So, yes, if it was a licenced item then by all accounts it's being validated as canon unless the owners of Star Trek decide otherwise.



Definition of CANON

a statement or body of statements concerning faith or morals proclaimed by a church <members of the church must abide by its canons> Synonyms canon, dogma
Related Words canon law; belief, conviction, tenet; credo, creed, ideology (also idealogy), philosophy, theology; axiom, precept, principle; symbol

a record of a series of items (as names or titles) usually arranged according to some system <the canon of plays that are attributed to William Shakespeare> Synonyms canon, catalog (or catalogue), checklist, listing, menu, register, registry, roll, roll call, roster, schedule, table
Related Words agenda, bibliography, catalogue raisonné, compendium, compilation, directory, docket, enumeration, glossary, index, inventory, manifest, payroll; calendar, chronology, timetable

a collection or system of rules of conduct <the ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility is a lawyer's canon> Synonyms canon, constitution, decalogue, law
Related Words discipline, establishment; common law, legislation

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