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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

Some good discussion is coming out of this thread. If nothing else, I'm learning that we're moving the director credit for "Kitumba" to the end of the episode instead of placing it at the opening like with TOS and our other episodes.

Personally, it's a challenging thread for me to moderate. I want to facilitate and foster discussion as I have here for years; I want to make sure that the discussion doesn't get extreme and that it remains, well, moderate. But I also want to support my fellow Phase II producers in no longer wanting to discuss some issues.

I'd like to recuse myself from moderator actions in this thread. I've asked the other TrekBBS moderators to take a peek at the thread and to insert themselves as necessary. I defer to their judgment on whether or not this thread needs any intervention. They will be better able than I am to determine if we have "concern trolling," or if, rather, we just have some people with resolve who have a contrary position.
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