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Re: The "Bride" of the "M'Ress Appreciation Thread"

Another 3D interpretation of a character (actually the titular one, Lt. Mzzkiti) from my (currently inactive) on-line comic.

You may notice the pilot seating is actually a vintage barber chair. As with the captain's chair depicted in an earlier post, the space freighter's original flight deck was in need of major repairs. The fleet has declined the chief engineer's requisitions for replacement hardware. So, once again he has had to improvise. The engineer obtained a series of vintage barber chairs and got the notion to install them upon the flight deck and other work-stations of the ship as needed.

The chair was modeled by our very own Ptrope and was originally intended to be the captain's seating for a steampunk interpretation of the Enterprise bridge. He applied wood surfaces and brass fittings, but I gave it that mid 20the century chrome and enameled look. Well, most of the chrome electroplating as flaked away to expose rust prone metals. The chair has seen better days.

The enivornment is not meant to be the final design of the pilot or helm station. It's just a (hopefully) visually interesting "placeholder" until I assemble a better one. I mean, how can one cross the deck to reach the chair with all that hardware littering the deck?! All of the greeblied details come from various Coflek-Gnorg sets.

Melody By Lady LittleFox
"Furries for..." morphs by Beth Capsces
SPF vest by Little Dragon
SPF uniform by Little Dragon
Furrette 2 by Little Dragon
Hardware elements by Coflek-Gnorg
Barber chair by Ptrope


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Freighter Tails: the Misadventures of Mzzkiti
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