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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

A few posts referenced GRR Martin, which got me thinking.

Some fans like the TOS era, others like the Abrams era, some like the TNG\DS9\VOY era, and believe it or not, some like the ENT era (mor specifically, people wanting to see the Romulan War). Some have even wanted a Klingon show, or a show in the mirror universe show.

I think what might be a fun and fresh approach to Star Trek, is a show that is sort of an anthology of miniseries, depicting different crews, maybe in different timelines or time periods, or maybe even mirror universe. Each miniseries being different stories, moving forward in their own time period and\or time line, each seeming to be unrelated at first, until later a common thread is revealed. Fringe sort of flirted with this concept, and Game of Thrones is sort of doing that right now. Put another way, what if you took the outline similar to ALL Good Things, and expanded it to a show, and ran with it?

With a format like that, during a season you could have multiple mini-series within a season.

For example:

Episodes 1-4 a post Nemesis era set in prime universe and prior to the destruction of Romulus with a crew assigned to facilitate relations with the Romulans. You could even have cameos of TNG\DS9\VOY actors in this era.

Episodes 5-8 a story centering around post ENT era, maybe centered on the Romulan Wars, possibly featuring the ENT crew or another crew (IE NX-02 Columbia), with ENT cast members making cameos.

Episodes 9-13 centering on Abramsverse events after the destruction of Vulcan, and their efforts to establish New Vulcan, and the fall out towards Romulans and\or Klingons within the Federation. Perhaps featuring characters like Captain Pike, the new actor playing Sarek, Admiral Marcus or other minor characters from Star Trek '09/ID, and possibly even having cameos of the Abramsverse Enterprise Crew.

Episodes 14-16 feature a Klingon ship and crew, maybe 5-10 years after TUC. Maybe the Khitomer Accords from the Klingon POV, and how Klingons adjusted from viewing the Federation as enemies to allies, and how the Romulans react to it (IE setting up for the Khitomer Massacre). You could feature the Crew of the Excelsior...would be nice if there were a Captain Sulu, but could work without him.

Episodes 17-19 Mirror universe episode, maybe set in between the ENT and TOS era, depicting how the Terran Empire is doing during or shortly after the reign of Empress Hoshi, with new characters.

Episodes 20-24 Set in the 25 century or beyond, within a third timeline. Perhaps something akin to the "Time Police" from Voyager, with all new characters. In any event, these episodes start to tie all the timelines\Time Periods\Mirror universe together.

This way, you give fans of various eras what they want, yet respect both timelines, and possibly create a third timeline or prime universe time period for TV.
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