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Re: could they do a show with "realistic" aliens?

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You don't "need" opposable thumbs or binocular vision...
You are certainly wrong about that. The opposable thumb and stereo vision are extremely important...
...but not necessarily essential, and cannot be proven to be just on the basis of what we know from our very limited perspective based on life on one planet...
You're right about the fact that all our knowledge on life stems from our own planet. What you seem to forget however, is that we have extensively mapped the path of evolution that resulted in that life. Therefore, we can infer that it is certainly possible to create tools without opposable thumbs. However, it is far less effective than our current approach, hence providing a lower chance of being successful which, in turn, leads to a species 'favouring' (by evolution) the variant with opposable thumbs. Similar for our two legs and our way of walking. These features are not just random selections that our species tend to have, but are the work of many generations of optimization to adapt us to our place on this world. This does not imply that we are better than other forms of life (on Earth), but it does result in us being the most able to work with tools and to reason about them.

Given that the laws of physics in our visible universe are very similar, it is not unlikely that (intelligent, tool-using) aliens posses the same basic features. This does not have to mean that they look like us, but it might go a long way. For instance, a successful creature needs to have its sensors (eyes, ears, ...) close to its brain (due to smaller reaction time) which, for safety, should be shielded by a skull-like structure. In order to keep it save from attacks, it should also be kept away from the main body, on a location where the sensors work the most effective, i.e. high up, with sight at front. Consequently, our alien creature already has a typical head.
Again, the shape might differ, but that could be influenced more by the gravity and atmosphere of the aliens' planet.

So, the aliens in ST are probably the most realistic, ironically.
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