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Re: CJ1701's Current Project: U.S.S Pike

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anything new with this...
I don't want to update without any pictures but I love this model I did. So I'll just lay down the skinny

I got three more months left till I graduate for the Art Institute and well I got to finish my demo reel so I have been way to busy finish, but after I'm done and I will be devoting time into this and making her up to ILM standards.

BTW, totally geeking out here but a good friend of mine just got best in show and is getting an interview at ILM as a junior lighter so he might be working on the VFX for the next Star Trek Film.

But other then that, here's my plan.
  1. Clean up some Geo.
  2. Design interiors and outsource them to other FX artists.
  3. Re-Texture using Mudbox and new techniques I've learned in the last and next 3 months.
  4. Rig it
  5. Set up an animation
  6. Composite in Nuke (Dem lens flares)
  7. Put it on Vimeo and Youtube

So if you want to help out with interiors, and you're good give me a shout at

Anyhoo I'll see if I can squeeze some time in and start updating again.


Edit: SO, I got poked around in my HD and found a couple of renders that I haven't uploaded here so here!(these are three months old)

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