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Re: TF: The Crimson Shadow by Una McCormack - Review Thread (Spoilers!


This book was vastly superior in every way imaginable to 'Revelation and Dust'. It really made that book look like amateur crap.

The characterization was dead on for the most part. I was happy I could hear each of the characters voices in my head as I was reading. It was also an easy read and it's the fastest I've every read a book of that length. Not overly wordy, it got to the point and moved at a nice pace. 'Revelation' didn't do that at all. It was choppy because DRG seemed to discover some new words and had to cram them in the first few chapters like he usually seems to do, which when added to the pointless wordiness, kills momentum. There's no fun reading his books, it seems like a chore. Una doesn't have that problem at all.

I felt like I got a punch to the stomach when Garak's car exploded. But then I thought to myself "he's blown up his own shop before, everything is gonna be okay... I hope". His return gave me a big shit eating grin and vocally exclaimed "fuck yeah!"

I like how the book ended with Julien's letter. The whole book I'm thinking Julien was a lazy sob never writing back. I guess he was a bit busy.

I'm not convinced the True Way is solely responsible for Bacco's death. I think this will end up being a Federation inside job a la Babylon 5. I don't trust the new Pres at all and get a President Clark vibe. I really hope I'm wrong on that and it goes a different way.

The only negative i can really think of is how Worf was handled. I wish he had a few more lines. it seemed like he said maybe 5 words the entire book and was there to take up space.

In the end, this book has got me more interested in 'The Fall' books. I hope the next installment keeps up the fun and pace.
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