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Re: Just seen the last episode... I'm outrage!

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Hey, DS9 certainly had it's clunkers and face palm moments. Little gremlins and Quark in drag are certainly two of the big ones.

But I'll take that knowing that hey at least DS9 was willing to take chances, and is making the effort as opposed to TNG sticking to the same formula, Voyager staying safe by not straying too far from it either, and ENT's first two seasons where things were just cheap imitations.

Yes, Neelix is the ultimate example of the annoying character. DS9 at least improved their annoying character when they realized the fans weren't liking Bashir. When confronted with the fans not liking Neelix, it's like Voyager's staff said... "Screw you! Here's -more- Neelix!"
Folks can say what they like about Enterprise, but ENT seasons 1 & 2 were stronger that both VOY and DS9 seasons 1 & 2. Especially DS9's.
I couldn't disagree more, DS9s first 2 seasons had episodes like

Captive Pursuit
In the Hands of the Prophets
The Homecoming
The Circle
The Siege
Necessary Evil
Profit and Loss
Blood Oath
The Maquis two parter
The Wire
The Jem'Hadar

Which are all better then any ENT episode from the first 2 seasons. I would also say that VOYs

Eye of the Needle
Death Wish
The Thaw

Are better then any ENT episode from the first 2 seasons.
That's cool. Maybe I should word that differently.

As a whole, they are stronger than them. DS9 had a LOT of skippers. More than ENT and VOY.
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