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Re: Are there any non-fiction books detailing the history of the Romul

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Assuming Earth and Vulcan are not that far away from each other in interstellar terms, we'd have to wonder then, why they didn't colonize Earth during their "aggressive" period (i.e. pre-Surak)
They landed on the Atlantic coast of Brazil thousands of years ago, and my ancestors ate them.

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The Romulans departure might not have been considered anything special at the time and no important historical note was made of it.
Though I would find it somewhat strange that such a departure would not be recorded ...
I wasn't suggesting that there would be no record at all, but it might be a case that such departures of large colonization groups was so common that the "Romulan Expedition" was simply buried in the records.

And if they didn't start using the name/term Romulan to describe themselves until after they left, finding the record of them thousands of years later could border on the impossible.

my main issue is that the Romulans inhabit what seems to be a very remote sector of the galaxy
The easiest explaination might be that the large separation was deliberate. From the start of their journey the intent wasn't just to travel to the next nearest star system with a suitable planet, but to get as far from Vulcan as their technology would allow them.

But when the Enterprise encounters their "flagship" it only has "impulse power".
Like more than a few fans, I take Scotty's description to mean the ship's warp drive was powered by fusion reactors, and not matter/antimatter reactors.

The Romulans during the Earth/Romulan war could not have been a credible enemy without a FTL propulsion of some kind.

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^^That's what Memory Alpha and Memory Beta are for.
While a good place to begin research, the ongoing problem with memory alpha is the people who write the article there like to mix factual information from the shows with their own interpretations and creative ideas.

In other words, some of the articles are basically fan fiction.

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