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Re: Star Trek: The Seekers

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And I would prefer ROTF keep with established tradition of naming NX-class ships after the space shuttles.
Well, that was established in the preceding ENT novels, which between them gave us Challenger NX-03, Discovery NX-04, Atlantis NX-05, and Endeavour NX-06. Endeavour was the only one other than Enterprise that survived the war according to the books, and Enterprise was retired. So it was really the only one left I could use.
Wikipedia lists a number of mock-ups with spaceworthy names, like Pathfinder. Also, even though it isn't an US-American product, I'd like to see a Columbia-class Buran.
That would depend whether or not more Columbia-class ships will actually be built. IFM mentioned 16 ships altogether but isn't a mandatory source anymore.

There have been references in screen graphics to a couple of 24th-century Endeavours, and one was mentioned in dialogue in VGR as having encountered the Borg.
Maybe we'll see a fleeting reference to a 24th century Endeavour in one of the other novels? For sentimentality's sake.
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