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Re: could they do a show with "realistic" aliens?

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You don't "need" opposable thumbs or binocular vision. To be a tool making and using animal certainly doesn't require thumbs. I can pick up a pen and hold it between my fingers without using my thumb (index and pinky under, middle and ring over), and I can use a finger on each hand to oppose one another as well. We have a bias towards what is natural for us, but it's not logical to assume such things are the natural order.
You are certainly wrong about that. The opposable thumb and stereo vision are extremely important...
...but not necessarily essential, and cannot be proven to be just on the basis of what we know from our very limited perspective based on life on one planet. Sure, a dog can't use a paw as I can use my hand, but that's not just a function of the lack of an opposable thumb but also that their toes are too short to be useful for that sort of thing. Intelligent creatures with suction-cup lined limbs certainly wouldn't require a "thumb" as such.
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