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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I sat in a small convention theatre listening to Kurt Busiak explain why "Photon" was a Better name for Monica than "Captain Marvel", but I was a much happier person back then much less full of piss and vinegar, so I just let it go. Uncontested I let that #########r shovel that bullshit. Telepathically I'm sending death threats to my younger 20 year old version of myself collaborating with such sanctimonious filth...

Speaking of growing up, as it was printed I read Next Wave and thought that "his" name (half this Cape's name was religiously censored.) was only Captain Fuck, but now that I am extraordinarily more bitter, I can see that his name must have been Captain Cunt.

We all grow up.

Where was I?


Monica's name is now fricking Spectrum?

Surely that shouldn't be the word used anywhere this book when all the heroes in that cadre of Avengers happen to be the same.. Latina isn't black? "Woman of colour"? I mean sure it's high time that something like this just happened in the same way that Falcon must felt incredibly uncomfortable in the 80s, and it's not mistaken for blaxploitation... Otto is not a hero. I chose that word carefully.

I told my ten year old Niece that there was a squad of X-Men composed entirely of women... And the wee thing (My niece.) replied "Then why isn't the comic called "X-Women"? I then explained that if the comic was called X-Women, then statutorily all the team slots would have to be mandated to be filled by women and it's not breaking down any walls, "X-Women" becomes an explicit minority book (60 percent of the planet dude! Shut up.), but if the title remains good old fashioned X-Men, and the best characters who stand up to the plate just happen to be unanimously female, then that says that the boys suck and were beaten fairly without any affirmative action leaking through from the legend on the cover. She replied by rolling her eyes, and going back to killing things on Ratchet and Klank as if I was the crazy person.

No seriously.



It's awful, unnecessarily and Carol stole her name.

(I think I remember Carol asking Monica if it was alright, but that could be my imagination??)

Maybe Monica is trying to beat out Hank Pym for "most" super hero identities in the Guinness Book of records?
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