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Re: USS Vengeance & Mass Destruction.

First of all, MOS Superman has NO EXPERIENCE whatsoever. He's had no training, had NEVER been in a fight before, and was facing highly trained and battle hardened soldiers with superpowers bent on genocide two days after putting on the costume. I'm sorry, but he's going to make mistakes, that's what inexperience leads to. Arguing that he should instantly make all the right decisions is just ludicrous. Also, saying that he never tried to fly away is a gross simplification. He tries to fly up several times during the Smallville fight (if people had been paying attention, the they would have noticed that, and many did) and each time he gets pulled back down by Zod's forces. He COULDN'T fly away during the Metropolis battle because a. Zod had made it clear that his only goal by that point was to make Clark suffer by exterminating humanity, so if he had flown away, Zod would have killed everyone in the city instead of following him, and b. Zod never gave him the chance to fly away. Also, he surrenders himself twice to two different militaries in order to protect the people, spends years traveling the world helping people, that's how Lois tracked him to Smallville, and killed Zod to protect people. So please, spare me the whole "MOS was a betrayal of the character" speel because I'm not buying it.
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