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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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The movies have all been more about amped up fun with a bit of humour, so I don't see the series as out of place. If anything felt out of place, it was the dark tones in Ironman 3.
Actually in my mind the movies (and SHIELD itself, thanks to Jackson's presence and gravitas) were all a lot more grounded and serious than this TV series was. They all had their light and jokey moments of course, but not to the degree we see here, where the characters are all joking and making wisecracks every 5 seconds, and the tone is light and cutesy as hell-- almost to the point of being a cartoon.

I'm not asking for this to be another dark and gritty 24 or anything, but it would be nice if the show at least took itself a little more seriously.

I can see what you're saying and where you're coming from, but I disagree. I like it because it's light and fun and I think the light tone suits it quite well, though it's still too early to really know the feel of the show. For all we know, it could be light one episode, more serious in another, etc. Being an intro episode, they couldn't exactly jump into the deep end yet. I expect it become more serious as threats develop further on in the season.
And besides, a tv show is not like a movie. Just because the pilot is cartoony doesn't imply every other episode is going to be the same. I'm sure the show can get dark and gritty when there's a need for it.
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