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Re: USS Vengeance & Mass Destruction.

The reason MoS got ripped apart by many, many fans for something similiar is because the character of Superman is someone who has been shown for decades to do everything possible to avoid that kind of casualty, not stupidly add to the problem and not once, NOT ONCE, try to get the hell away from a mass population centre. MoS was a failure of character and that is why, to many fans, it was a failure as a film.

ID didn't suffer that because, as others have pointed out, ToS and every series in general has shown that the crew continues with the mission, then deals with the consequences and emotions after. It fits what has been done before. I would not be surprised if the next movie contained a lot of moments showing characters still dealing with the events that have happened. Even ID showed Spock dealing with what happened in 09.

It's a matter of being true to the franchise.. Star Trek was, in so many ways... MoS was simply a complete betrayal just to have "action".
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