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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

Hear hear, let's get back to talking about "Kitumba" and the future of Phase II.

As a rank amateur video enthusiast, I'd like to hear more about the editing process for "Kitumba". What is it about the Sol 7 facility that's so special that it will help to speed along the editing process? And is this something the production team will continue to be able to take advantage of for future episodes?

(Oh, and if I can put my excited fanboy hat back on one last time, I want to second the others, Mr. Gerrold, on giving us "The Trouble With Tribbles", not to mention your vast collected non-Trek works. I bought the Making of The Trouble With Tribbles when I was nine years old and it's still one of my prize possessions, and I live in hope you will gift us someday with another entry in the Star Wolf or Chtorr series . But until then, it's great to see you at the helm of Phase II!
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