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How did the children eat?

I just re-watched "Miri" again and this has always bugged me. The children had been frowing at the rate of one month for every year for many, many years without really advancing past childhood. The Enterprise crew while trying to cure the disease that killed the adults also determined that there were only 6 months worth of food saved. What always bothered me is that they make a huge point about how this disease was caused by a failed experiment and killed the adults quickly. If that's the case then how did they have the foresight to have saved hundreds of years worth of food. I'm guessing the children weren't sophisticated enough to have learned how to learn farming, butchering, fishing, etc on their own. Plus, since there were only some close to adolecence at a time I doubut cooking was a skill that got taught too much. How did the children manage to eat for all of those years?
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