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Re: Second try finishing STID...better this time around.

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First time I viewed STID I was filled with hope that the movie wasen`t a mindless action movie, but it is in my opinion. The first time I watched it I could not even finish it, but this time around I enjoyed it. I guess the reason for that is simple enough. I knew what to expect and adjusted my expectations accordingly and the fact that I`ve just finished a marathon with TNG,DS9,VOY helped. Lack of material kinda drew me towards the movie again.

Maybe my experience could help others
Hopes it could help. But

Just a little maybe.
Anybody who felt they same way for sure.
Realize not every single
One feels the same way.
Don't you agree?

Since you bring it up:
Out of all the Treks.
Can you identify the one you
Know is your favorite?
Now that I've seen it, and have also had time to mellow, to really think about it, I now find it absolutely, unbearably repulsive in every way except for some of the acting. - about The Wrath of Khan. Interstat, Issue 62: 1982
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