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Re: concept art and set photos!

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^^^ great infographics King Daniel!

I'm wondering if the DB-5 designation stands for 'Docking Bay 5' perhaps, or something along those lines?
^^^ @ Praetor - Yep, that thought occured to me a few posts back as well...

'great minds' and all that...
That sounds like a good bet. (Besides, if it had been a James Bond reference, you'd have people grousing that the movie used a DB5 to show off Aston-Martin's newest model, while in the novel the chapter title was "Thoughts in a DB III".)

Interestingly, the designation next to the USS Enterprise appears to be VH-5 / VB-5 - so I'm not quite sure (if DB means Docking Bay) what this designation could mean...

(Vehicle Bay 5, Vehicle Hanger 5???)

The smaller constitutition class starship (the mini-connie) has what appears to be the designation: AF / AP, while the even smaller Excelsior starship has VB (?)

The plot thickens...
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