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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

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Here's the thing: being passionately invested in our favorite fictions and fandoms is great. Where we can run into trouble is when we get so proprietary about Trek or Buffy or whatever that we start to think that it belongs to us--and that it's the creators' duty to give the us exactly what we think we want.

(I still remember this guy I met years ago who was utterly convinced that he had the God-given write to publish and sell his own WOLVERINE comics--because he understood the character better than Marvel did!)
Dead on. We need to keep a little perspective about it all.

Wolverine guy sounds like the male version of that woman that was selling her Twilight Fanfic and arguing that it was legal--the one Peter David did a satire of.

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And fans of Diana Gabaldon's bestselling "Outlander" novels are already in an uproar over the casting of the upcoming TV show. And the "Fifty Shades of Gray" fans are in an uproar over the casting of the movie, which hasn't even started filming yet. And I keep running into comic fans who are upset because Ant-Man isn't in the Avengers movies--because he was in the original comics, damnit!

Not sure when we decided that film-making was a democratic process, to be decided by fan polls and petitions? Or that reboots and adaptations had to be 100% faithful to the previous versions?
Now that you understand how the process works, we expect all your future Trek Tie-in Books, that you will post the Spec you are given to write from, so the Trek Fans can guide you to write it properly, and then post your finished product so we can have first crack at editing it, to ensure you did it right
Which will obviously make the process go much more smoothly!

On a more serious note, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "the Spec you are given to write from." That's not really how it works. I'm not given a plot outline and asked to write it. It's more like I come up with a proposal/outline which is submitted to the Powers That Be for approval and comments.
I heard offering sacrifices of virgins and liquor to the Editing Gods helps the approval process along.
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