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Brown suede, vintage -- One of my favorites. I'm guessing late 60s but I can't be sure.
Vintage?? Hey! I was born in the late 60s, and I am not vintage!

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Hmmm... Weirdly, they are not upside down on my computer but they do show up upside down on my iPhone. WTF photobucket?
Yeah, I just uploaded a bunch of photos from my iPhone and several of them uploaded upside down. I don't know why.

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I'm tempted to say, "Nice rack!", but y'know, fašade of maturity and all that...

So, I went to two concerts this week with Chrinfinity. One was in a nightclub downtown last Sunday evening (apologies for the quality, but you can't expect much in a nightclub setting, using an iPhone camera). I bring you Aaron Carter:

Then, last night, I took her to...

An image that was being projected on a screen in front of the stage before the show started:

Waiting for the show to start:

The show started with the video for their recent single, "Axis", being projected:

They came out during "Axis", but the screen prevented me from getting a great photo:

You can sort of see their initial costumes here - they had four or five changes during the show (it's not a great picture, alas):

This one's not great because of the lighting, but I wanted to include it anyway because of the costumes. Neil Tennant is wearing a mask in the shape of a bull's head (Chris Lowe was wearing a similar one), and the dancers were wearing minotaur masks that covered their entire heads:

They used a lot of laser effects:

These ones turned out really well, I think:

Chris Lowe, as is his habit, only came out from behind the keyboard when it was time to go backstage to change costumes:

At the VIP Meet-and-Greet beforehand, I'd actually asked him if he was going to surprise us and come out to dance, like he did about four years ago during a show in London. Neil laughed, and Chris smiled and said, "No, no surprises tonight." But it was a fantastic show.
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