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Re: Second try finishing STID...better this time around.

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^Show me an episode or movie that can't be picked apart in a similar fashion by an OCD spaz.
Balance of Terror is stupid, it's just about how stupid hate and war is. Anyone can say that.

STiD attacked the United States foreign policy in a summer action movie, at a time where we are in two wars and the government seems eager for a third. All while using drones to invade the air spaces of other countries to kill people without a trial.

That's sort of a big deal and a major one considering that a major film studio did it with one of the best known media franchises in history as one of their tentpole films.

Regardless if you enjoyed the story, it is a message and a bold one to take. If you can't see that your irrational hate of the movie has blinded you to the obvious.
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