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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

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There's a wonderful cracked article pointing out that bigger problem for much of baseball has been amphetamines (still likely abused through ADHD diagnoses, though). They had been used for decades. Once cleaned up, hitting has dropped dramatically. But it would implicate far more people than just the steroids era.
Absolutely. Greenies, uppers, whatever, they were passed around like candy in clubhouses in the '50s and '60s and '70s. There is a demonstrable effect upon a person's mental awareness and response times when on those substances.

But instead everyone (especially Costas) gets all sanctimonious about the live ball era, because those guys in the '60s played the game the "right way," but steroids are Magic Dinger Juice, despite guys like Neifi fucking Perez being popped for usage, and past eras of the game being just as filled with douchebags, liars, cheaters and scum.

I've said this before:

Ser Barrold of House Bonds' only real crime was murdering baseballs, but he's seen as a pariah.

Ray Lewis was involved in a double-homicide, lied to the cops and almost certainly destroyed evidence, but because his management ran a decade of one of the greatest PR campaigns in history, he's an All-American Hero.
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