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Re: Windows XP Problems WITH Solutions

Hello, I'm in need of some help. I have STDS9 dominion wars. and I have no idea whats goin on. I instaill the game, that goes great. i then set the comp. mode to win 98. set the res to 800/600 just to be safe. 16bit. I then click on the icon to start the game. well the screen goes black and a error message pops up.>problem with driver enumeration< what is this. I have windows XP, I spent the last 3 days updatting my computer. I then go through the prosses all over again. but end up with the same thing. I no expert but I think it might be the disk, I have checked the device manager and nothing wrong there. Can anyone PLEASE HELP ME!!!! the patchs dont work with mine eather. >files found but cant up date< i get something like that when I run the patch. ?????????????????????
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