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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Waiting to Impress Me:
Grant: He IS SHIELD but Coulson had him interrogated?
Skye: So wait, she really wasn't SHIELD?
I think that that was an attempt to gain Skye's trust and knock Grants attitude down a bit.

As for Skye being SHIELD, obviously she will be joining the team. Hardly the first time MCU SHIELD has recruited a former threat/annoyance into the fold. Both Natasha Romanov and the couple from "Item 47" were recruited by agents sent to take them down.


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So if Skye really wasn't SHIELD she goes from 'nobody' to Level 8 clearance?? Huh?
"Nobody's nobody."--Phil Coulson
Actually, I think the fact that she's literally "nobody" is exactly why Coulson wants her on the team--
"We don't know anything about her. Do you appreciate how often that happens? It never happens." --Phil Coulson
Someone with that level of skill, as it was implied that she completely erased herself from the net, is someone Coulson can use. Also, she represents a mystery-- why would someone with that much skill, who could probably use those skills to make a mint, be living an anonymous life out of a van? I think, in the end, she is going to be revealed to be far from "nobody".
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