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Re: Agents of SHIELD. Season 1 Discussion Thread

I missed it Tuesday night and have not read through the thread, sorry. I just caught the encore presentation tonight though and I'd grade it a solid B.

Coulson & Hill: 'Nuff said
"The Bus": I see a number of potential sets and situations within
Melinda May: mysterious/conflicted past, ass kicker, pilot; I see lots of potential depth
Ron Glass: yes please! Great actor and this role as a physician with an inside track, yep more.
Lola: a reference to the 60's flying cars, nice!
quote by Simmons,"Are you ready for our Journey Into Mystery?"
Extremis mention, a sign the TV show clearly is involved in the MCU from a production standpoint. Episode filmed before IM3 released even.

Waiting to Impress Me:
Grant: He IS SHIELD but Coulson had him interrogated?
Skye: So wait, she really wasn't SHIELD?

While the implications of "can either be trusted and if not what is Coulson's end game with them" has me confused. Perhaps why I had trouble fully getting into either character.

Fitz & Simmons: the over talking one another will have to go. Be quirky, fine. Most of their screen time was a cacophony of noise and I was eager for a scene shift.

Didn't Go For:
Mike Petersen, J.August did his best with what really was a cog in a wheel to a larger scheming horde of evil men in red masks. I'm hoping he's rehabed, comes back and is an asset I enjoy. Potential I think now that he's done being used by the bad guys.
I get it though, the US release of IM3 on DVD/BR and the SHIELD show uses Extremis as part of it's premise. I get it.

So if Skye really wasn't SHIELD she goes from 'nobody' to Level 8 clearance?? Huh?

I look forward to watching it develop and think overall this was a solid premiere.
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