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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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"Bitch" has too often been a sexist code word used to demonize women who dare to show any assertiveness or independence. So an argument that uses that slur three times in a single paragraph is immediately suspect. And given how much ingrained sexism there is in comics fandom, I'm not surprised that there would've been a segment of the fanbase attacking Lois in that way. When Star Trek: Voyager came along, there was a lot of comparably ugly rhetoric about Captain Janeway.
Voyager is my wife's favorite Trek precisely because of Janeway. The series fault aside, Janeway is a great character. She is a strong and tough, but compassionate leader who is not afraid of her own emotions.

Being married to a tough, independent woman myself I don't see much wrong with Lois portrayal in most of those stories (although I do admit that sometimes she did fall victim to poor writing). She is a hard-nosed reporter who is hungry for a story and when done well she is hungry for a story out of a sense of justice, not a glory-seeker. This is where many of the movies got her wrong, I think.
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