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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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I'm afraid I'm going to have to disagree with you David. I'm asking a legitimate question about how you guys are running your production. I know it's a tough job I work in TV also. But my previous wiki wry remains: why not just credit Vic on Kitumba and be done with it?

How can you expect your audience -let alone fellow professionals- to support you when you refuse to even explain your logic here?

It reads very clearly as though you just want to spite Vic Mignona for whatever bad blood there may be between himself and you guys by retroactively not crediting him on the first episode - nearly completed, I might add- that he both acted in and directed for you.

Please note: I don't know what happened with Vic and I don't really care. I just think it's really shitty that even afterward, Phase II is choosing to be so shady and vindictive about the matter.

As for Alec, I've no doubt he's a fine producer. No one is more excited to see Axanar than I am. But in my opinion he has a long way to go when it comes to interpersonal communication and simple question and answer sessions. I'm well aware that your guys being here to share tidbits with us is a "gift" but the fact remains, unless we are praising His everlasting glory, Alec has been LOUSY at answering simple queries here.
I'm not in the film industry. Nor am I in the fan film industry. But I what I am a part of is the Common Sense industry. With all due respect to you, the above, bolded, quote tells me that you do in fact care what happened with that Vic dude and what happened behind the scenes of Kitumba. You can't have it both ways. If you didn't care, you wouldn't be calling out the producers of Phase II like you have tonight. And if you do care you should have the courage to say that.

Look, if I was working on a project, and the director started smacking babies and stealing their candy, it'd be a cold day in hell before I'd work with him again and an even colder day before I'd put his name on a project he may screwed by doing those things. David was very clear, hell, more clear and more honest than I've ever seen from someone on a message board. He didn't lie or sugar coat his opinion. I'd tend to give an honest man the benefit of the doubt. And besides, I've heard of David Gerrold all my life. I've heard of James Cawley for the last ten years. I've heard of Vic for 5 minutes.

Besides, if there is another side to a story, then let Vic make an account here and give his side. Other than that, this thread is here for Kitumba and the future of Phase II. Unlike the behind the scenes drama, is something I'd like to know more about and can't wait to see in it's completion.

Please allow us to get back to doing so.
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