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Re: Girls - is this the man for you?

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Realestically speaking many of us both male and feamle have things we look for in a potential partner. Just that some have a longer list than others
Probably. but this guy seems needlessly picky but, okay, he likes what he likes. I guess we can't fault him too much on that if we all wrote down our "ideal mate" down to hair color, size, personality, body piercings/ink we'd probably come out sounding pretty shallow and such too. I think where this guy mostly loses any sympathy is when he gets into rather racist diatribes. Which, again, fine, he likes certain skin color on his women. In of itself not "bad."

Then he goes and says "I'm not racist but here's a long list of reasons why white people are better than black people" which I think is the point he fully straps on the asshat.
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