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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

And now for something a bit heretical...

The Excelsior is 622 meters long, per her window alignment.

The refit Enterprise is about 415 meters long, or 2/3 the Excelsior's length as their relational sizes were intended.

The Oberth would be about 300 meters long, give or take, and would probably work out well for the Tsiolkovsky.

I quite honestly haven't figured the Miranda's length, but I had her cross section handy so I went ahead and threw her in. I'd guess her to be around 300 meters long too.

Quite honestly, I don't hate it. I know the size of the refit was fairly well pinned down by Mr. Probert, but blssdwlf has proven that interior details point to a ship somewhat bigger on the inside to include the cargo/shuttlebay complex.

Plus, I don't think the Galaxy looks entirely too small next to any of them, which was a main fear of mine. The Excelsior is still mostly nacelle, and the Galaxy still has more livable interior space. Even more interestingly, I suspect scaling a Constellation similarly would match some of the janky scaling seen in "The Battle" et al.

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