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Re: Phase II - Act One of "KITUMBA"

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Agreed. Well said.

And since we have Phase II's new showrunner reading this thread, forgive me for taking the opportunity to ask the question that has gone thus far unanswered:

Will Vic Mignona be credited for his role as Director and the part he played in "Kitumba" or is Phase II purposely omitting said credit, and if so, for what reason?

At the moment, it is more likely that "Alan Smithee" will get the directing credit.

Let me add this. If Vic wants a directing credit on Kitumba, he is free to write a letter to the Production Team explaining why he feels he deserves the credit. The final decision will have to be made by James Cawley, Alec Peters, Rob Mauro, and myself.

I have a personal rule against ever saying anything negative about another professional, but since you have asked and put me into this position, I will answer. This will be my only public statement on Vic Mignona. After this, I request that you drop the subject. We are moving forward and it is no longer worth the investment of time and energy from the Phase II production team.

Here's my statement: I will never work with Vic Mignona again in any capacity, nor would I recommend him to any other producer. Vic Mignona's actions, both on the set and off, are the primary reason why we will have to junk everything we shot on the Origins episode. The script is a good one, we got an astonishing performance from Matthew Ewald, and it's a story we want to tell. We should have been able to finish it and have it out by now, but much of Vic's work was unusable and Vic has so alienated the production crew that none of us want to invest any energy into finishing an episode with him in it. We will have to start fresh if we want to do this episode. I expect we will do that when it is convenient to schedule it.

Everything I have said above is a fair reflection of the thinking of senior members of the Phase II team (James, Alec, myself, Rob). We have a kind of unwritten policy that however much we might argue among ourselves about our choices, when we finally do reach a decision it will be unanimous.

What I have said here should be the end of it. It's not an invitation to argue or discuss. And should anyone want to make an issue of it, then I will request the forum moderators to delete such discussions.

Star Trek is supposed to be about working together while we reach for the stars. That's the adventure I intend to invest in.
Thank you David for answering my question. Allow me to reply.

1) the direction of the conversation doesn't just END because you say so. Many a topic veers into different directions and this is a normal part of interaction and conversation here. So respectfully, until a moderator deems it necessary for me to drop the topic and says so, I'll talk about it as much as I like thankyouverymuch.

2) I am sorry to hear that the shoot on "Origins" was such a disaster. I can certainly see why you would wish to omit Voc's name from having directed it if you're still planning to reshoot the majority of it since most of his work was "unusable"... But that still does not explain why you or your production are omitting his credit in favor of a pseudonym on "Kitumba." His work as the director of that episode and as the Klingon antagonist sure seem usable to me in that preview cut, so I am at a loss as to why he is not being credited there.

For all your talk of professionalism, you now state that on order for Vic to properly be credited for the work he did on an already previewed episode he has to write a letter to explain why?

If that's not vindictive spite, I don't know what is.

I don't really know or care about what went down with Vic behind the scenes, but it really looks bad -professionally- to see you guys stooping this low.

Why on earth would any Professional director -DGA or no- want to work with you guys if this is how you conduct your business?

3) if I put you in any "position" it was solely to get SOMEONE from the production to answer a legitimate question. And since Loken was tooting his own horn here all week about having hard drives and what not I thought I'd be able to ask him. He ignored me. Now you very nicely posted here and since you're the new showrunner, I took a chance and asked you.

This is an open forum where we are allowed to discuss matters relevant to the thread topic. I believe my queries have all been precisely that - relevant. The conversation doesn't go away because it might make you guys look bad.
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