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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back?

Interesting--complaints from fans about how nobody should ever under any circumstances listen to them.

Well, that is just plain nonsense. Sorry, but it is. And difficult as some folks may find it, I have zero problem filtering feedback. I can separate wheat from the chaff. Really. Got a play getting ready for production. Had three different readings and asked the audience for opinions. Think I took all their advice? Hardly! But you better believe I listened! Not just to what they said either, but to how they reacted during the reading--and which assumptions they made when talking about it, where any confusion happened, who they were rooting for, when they were surprised, etc.

For that virtual spinoff, I listened to two years of people loathing one particular new character. Everyone had fantasies about how to kill her, many competing for some more painful way we the writers might end her life.

For the finale, we had her save the world. Yep, we all listened. But we didn't obey.
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