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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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I can't think of a character I'm sicker of than Lois Lane.

I am beyond tired of being subjected to a character who embodies more than any other the sad, tired misconception that raging bitch = "strong female role model." I didn't like her in the Golden Age Superman stories (even comics historian Les Daniels admitted that Lois was unrealistically hostile and arrogant with everybody). I HATED her in Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut; I couldn't believe how selfish, thoughtless, and manipulative she was in that, what with trying to blow Clark's cover in front of the entire Planet staff and that stupid "tricked you with blanks" scene" (to be fair, Superman and Jor-El came off pretty reprehensible, too). I loathed the "Superbitch" era of the comics from approximately 1995-2005 where she was emotionally abusive and hateful not only with Clark, but with his female peers, and I found the heavily implied-with-the-subtlety-of-a-sledgehammer-to-the-face fling she had with a slimy ex named Jeb Friedman during and post-"death of Superman" that led into said era to be unforgivable. (Then-artist Ron Frenz gave me an earful of anger over it when I met him at a con a few years back, and Gail Simone spoke out against it once in an interview.) I couldn't stomach DC's alternative tack of having Lois' family hurt and and betray Superman (the Lane family siding with Luthor against him, Sam Lane's blind hatred of Clark on principle) during the times where Lois herself wasn't mistreating him. I found Kate Bosworth's live-action rendition of "Superbitch" Lois to be one of the several flaws that hobbled Superman Returns. And I HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE the insane, psychotic Lois Lane fandom that glorifies and celebrates her antics and viciously trolls fans of other characters/possible love interests. Everything about Lois infuriates me to no end. Even her "best reporter ever" boasts in the Tales of Metropolis shorts grates on me. This character has been so predominantly portrayed as unlikable, insufferable, and self-absorbed that every time she shows up, I tune out.

The only way I'd even think of checking out a Lois-centric series is if they drastically revamped Lois into a genuinely strong, likeable woman. Someone who isn't a mean-spirited, selfish nutjob who thinks the world owes her everything and throws a fit whenever her every whim isn't met. But I don't ever expect that to happen, because the meanness has become too ingrained into Lois' character at this point. And frankly, I just don't have the patience to put up with it anymore.
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