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Re: What Are You Wearing?

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(I'm kind of short so I just love wearing high heels.)
my favorite black leather platform sandals. You can't see them in the picture, but they're these no-nonsense bitches:

Those are awesome. And by "awesome", I mean they inspire fear and awe in the heart of your enemies.

I'm tall as a hobbit, but as a man my choice of, ehm, height improvements is somehow limited. I have a bit of heel on my motorcycle boots, but platforms are out of question, and I wouldn't wear lifts to save my life. So I guess I just have to laugh off my conspicuous shortness and simply be my awesome self.

Anyhow. Today I tried a new smart-sporty combination: beige jacket (new!), khaki shirt, dark blue jeans, dark blue tie, and khaki sneakers. I was not sure dark blue would work well with beige, but I think it totally did. I also showed off my last acquisition, a nice trilby hat (not pictured).

Apologies for the crappy selfie, but as tsq said, I seem to be unable to take good pictures of myself.

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