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Re: Girls - is this the man for you?

Well he's made one mistake already with a birthday of the 18th August you would be a Leo not a Virgo as Virgo starts on the 23rd August.

But his list reads like a shopping list and if you've ever been shopping there is nearly always one item that you want that is out of stock.

Sure attraction is highly subjective, You can also find someone attractive but not be attracted to them.

And I thought we were all one race the human race, I suspect he means ethenticity.

What ever happened to finding a girl/boy you find attractive, enjoy doing activites with etc?

Should we accept people for who they are? Sometimes the right person might be the one we overlook because of something as silly as a tattoo. Surely if they get enjoyment from having a tattoo then isn't that whats important. Rather than trying to get someone to change to suit only you.
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