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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Time for October, which unsurprisingly features a whole bunch of horror films:

TUE 10/1
Noon: The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (1962): George Pal Puppetoons!

WED 10/2
8:00 PM: Doctor Dolittle ('67)

FRI 10/4
8:00 PM: Carnival of Souls ('62): "New Wave" horror picture.
9:30 PM: Night of the Living Dead ('68)

SAT 10/5
1:30 AM: Bride of Frankenstein ('35)
3:00 AM: Frankenstein Created Woman ('67): Hammer horror with Peter Cushing.
4:45 AM: The Wasp Woman ('59): Roger Corman horror film.
6:30 AM: Captain Nemo and the Underwater City ('69, though TCM site says '70): Low-budget British film written by Pip and Jane Baker, who would later do some mediocre Doctor Who serials in the '80s. With Chuck Connors.
10:30 AM: The Gorgon ('64): Another Hammer film with Cushing and Christopher Lee.
Noon: The Devil's Bride ('68): Hammer Satanism film with Lee.

SUN 10/6
2:00 AM: Billy the Kid Vs. Dracula ('66): So, this exists. John Carradine plays Dracula.
3:15 AM: Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter ('66): Annnd... so does this. These two movies were released as a double feature.
4:45 AM: Destination Earth ('56): Less interesting than it sounds -- a promotional cartoon for the oil industry, about a Martian coming to Earth to study American prosperity.
3:45 PM: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ('68)

TUE 10/8
1:00 AM: Throne of Blood ('57): Akira Kurosawa's Macbeth adaptation. I'm counting it as genre because it has a spirit in it, but mainly because it sounds interesting.

FRI 10/11
3:00 AM: Son of Sinbad ('55): Arabian Nights movie with Vincent Price. Hardly any fantasy elements, judging from the Wikipedia entry, but Sinbad is a fantasy character, and, heck, so is Vincent Price, so I'm counting it.
8:00 PM: Horror of Dracula ('58): The first Lee/Cushing Hammer Dracula film.
9:30 PM: Isle of the Dead ('45): Boris Karloff vampire movie. With Alan Napier.
11:00 PM: Dead of Night ('45): British horror-anthology film with Michael Redgrave. The restored full-length version.

SAT 10/12
1:00 AM: The Haunting ('63): Robert Wise haunted-house classic.
3:00 AM: The House of Seven Corpses ('74): What I suspect is a less classic haunted-house movie.
4:30 AM: Horror Castle ('63): Italian Gothic horror with Christopher Lee. Doesn't seem to have supernatural elements.
Noon: The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll ('61): Hammer takes on Dr. Jekyll. With Lee.
4:30 PM: It Came From Outer Space ('53): Jack Arnold/Ray Bradbury classic.
6:00 PM: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil ('59): Post-apocalyptic tale with Harry Belafonte.

MON 10/14
Midnight: Nosferatu ('22): The silent classic.
2:00 AM: Vampyr ('32): Another German vampire film, this one with sound.
3:15 AM: The Vampire Bat ('33): Sensing a theme here. Fay Wray is in this one.
4:30 AM: The Vampire ('57): I never would've guessed. Mad-science take on vampires, with Kenneth Tobey.

WED 10/16
5:45 PM: The Manchurian Candidate ('62): Borderline genre at best, but what the hey.

THU 10/17
9:45 PM: The Story of Mankind ('57): TCM's shown this before. Irwin Allen "epic" with all-star cast recapping human history.

FRI 10/18
1:30 AM: Master of the World ('61): Vincent Price as Jules Verne's Robur.
8:00 PM: Burn, Witch, Burn ('62): Been shown before, I'm sure.
9:45 PM: The Tomb of Ligeia ('64): Last of Roger Corman and Vincent Price's Poe adaptations.
11:15 PM: The Seventh Victim ('43): Satanist horror, directed by Val Lewton.

SAT 10/19
12:30 AM: Curse of the Demon ('58): Another Satanic-cult movie, directed by Jacques Tourneur.
2:15 AM: I Walked With a Zombie ('43): Another Tourneur film -- note that it's a voodoo-style zombie movie, not the later Romero-style.
3:30 AM: The Leopard Man ('43): More Tourneur, a serial-killer film.
6:00 AM: The Mask of Fu Manchu ('32): Can even Boris Karloff make a Yellow Peril film worth watching?
10:30 AM: The Devil's Own ('66): Black magic in England, with Joan Fontaine.
12:15 PM: The Plague of the Zombies ('66)
6:15 PM: Dr. Strangelove ('64)
8:00 PM: Freaks ('32): Tod Browning's controversial film.
9:15 PM: Mark of the Vampire ('35): Browning directs Lionel Barrymore and Lugosi.
10:30 PM: The Devil Doll ('36): More Browning, as Barrymore shrinks people. With Maureen O'Sullivan!

SUN 10/20
1:15 AM: London After Midnight ('27): The silent Tod Browning film which he remade as Mark of the Vampire (above). With Lon Chaney.
2:15 AM: Incubus ('66): William Shatner speaks Esperanto! Yes, they're actually showing this!
3:45 AM: The Hypnotic Eye ('60): Mesmeric horror.
5:15 AM: Rosie ('60): This is weird -- a failed sitcom pilot about a talking dog.

MON 10/21
4:30 PM: King Solomon's Mines ('50)
6:15 PM: Eye of the Devil ('66): Occult-themed British film with Deborah Kerr and David Niven.

TUE 10/22
4:30 PM: A Place of One's Own ('45): Haunted-house film with James Mason.

THU 10/24
Vincent Price marathon:
8:00 PM: House of Wax ('53)
9:45 PM: The Mad Magician ('54)
11:00 PM: House of Usher ('60): First Corman Poe film.

FRI 10/25
Price marathon continues:
12:30 AM: Diary of a Madman ('63)
2:15 AM: The Tingler ('59)
3:45 AM: House on Haunted Hill ('59)
5:15 AM: The Bat ('59)
6:45 AM: Tower of London ('62)
8:15 AM: The Raven ('63): Another Corman Poe film, with Peter Lorre and Karloff.
And later in the evening:
6:30 PM: The Walking Dead ('36): Karloff film from the director of Casablanca.
8:00 PM: A Bucket of Blood ('59): Corman film with Dick Miller.
9:15 PM: Dementia 13 ('63): Francis Ford Coppola's first mainstream film, starring William Campbell.

SAT 10/26
I'm leaving out a few non-SF/supernatural thrillers airing overnight.
4:30 AM: Village of the Damned ('61)
8:00 PM: Bride of Frankenstein ('35) again.
9:30 PM: The Mummy ('32)
11:00 PM: Cat People ('42): Val Lewton/Jacques Tourneur classic.

SUN 10/27
12:30 AM: White Zombie ('32): With Lugosi.
2:00 AM: Psychomania ('73): Another British Satanism film.
3:30 AM: The Witches ('66): This is the exact same film as The Devil's Own from Saturday the 19th, but it's listed under its UK title here for some reason.
4:15 PM: Children of the Damned ('64): Sequel to Village of...
6:00 PM: Them! ('54): Debut of the giant-radioactive-insects genre.

THU 10/31
Midnight: Freaks ('32) again
Then a Christopher Lee marathon, mostly Hammer films:
6:00 AM: The Curse of Frankenstein ('57)
7:30 AM: The Mummy ('59)
9:00 AM: Horror Castle ('63) again
10:30 AM: Castle of the Living Dead ('64)
12:15 PM: Dracula, Prince of Darkness ('65)
1:45 PM: The Devil's Bride ('68) again
3:45 PM: Dracula Has Risen From the Grave ('69): Yeah, he does that.
5:30 PM: Horror Express ('72)
Then an interlude and another Vincent Price marathon:
8:00 PM: The Pit and the Pendulum ('61): Corman/Poe
9:30 PM: The Haunted Palace ('63): This is the one Greg Cox mentioned that's billed as a Poe film but is really based on an H.P. Lovecraft story.
11:15 PM: The Masque of the Red Death ('64): Corman/Poe

FRI 11/1
Marathon continues:
1:00 AM: The Abominable Dr. Phibes ('71)
2:45 AM: Twice-Told Tales ('63): Collection of Nathaniel Hawthorne stories.
5:00 AM: The Tomb of Ligeia ('64) again
6:30 AM: The Conqueror Worm ('68): Despite the Poe title, actually a British film called Witchfinder General.
8:15 AM: Theatre of Blood ('73)
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